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We believe in efficiency

Everything from domains to social media management services for teams to ensure your business is both secure and backed with the latest marketing strategies and technologies. 

Inspiring you to inspire others

Pillarian is the internationally recognised face of domains and hosting solutions, since 2007 Pillarian has been the pioneer of IT development services creating endless possibilities through the power of technology.

Pillarian is all about getting your IT infrastructure to be an absolute dream, without endless call outs and not to mention expenses, this is where we found purpose – the purpose of changing the way that IT services and solutions can be easily adapted to our clients specific needs at cost effective  rates.

What we do best.

We have been active in the hosting and programming business since 1995 and that is why our company has evolved into it’s current form. During all these years we have gained a huge amount of knowledge and experience in the business. Building our first website in 1995 we started to do our own hosting. And we never let go since… We like to tune, tweak and try to get the best out of our servers and build stable, fast and redundant platforms. Optimisation and stability are the biggest challenges in the hosting business.

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Why Choose Pillarian

We offer IT solutions to businesses and teams from start-ups to established enterprises. We provide website and Email hosting services alongside dedicated servers tailored to specific business and industries

We offer solutions to the problems of most business owners and take the steps to ensure that your business gets directly to your direct trarget market.


Community Driven

We owe huge thanks to our community for joining us on this thrilling journey, and we hope that you will continue to be a part of our story. Our experts are on hand to help every step of the way. They offer assistance, help with website migrations and ongoing tech support by live chat, phone and ticket.


Passionate for progress

With our growing number of offerings, we are your one-stop shop for anything you and your business needs to succeed online. Supporting businesses, enterprises and individuals for the past 12 years and counting.


We promote integrity

The company started as a web hosting firm but has grown to offer a lot of other products and services to help her customers grow and succeed online. Focused on delivering top-notch support and the best offerings, Pillarian continues to evolve and introduce new ways to engage her customers and support their businesses.

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